Wednesday Q&A Chat

15:03:47 From : Online resources:
15:05:30 From : ??? Ask a question
15:06:13 From Angie Vangalis : Or QUESTION:
15:06:40 From Meredith Klein : ??? Is there a reason you recommend an 18 inch ring light rather than smaller?
15:06:50 From Angie Vangalis : Or type QUESTION:
15:09:33 From Angie Vangalis : ??? Question: How to set up auto replies to people who sign up to provide the link, etc?
15:10:52 From : Kajabi
15:11:45 From : New Zenler
15:12:17 From Angie Vangalis : Arlington Camera, ask for Bill or Angie and tell them your friend from Texas School sent you
15:12:20 From Angie Vangalis :
15:15:24 From Heather, Colorado : Landing Page > Freemium or sign up for a product/offer
15:15:29 From Heather, Colorado : PDF download
15:15:51 From Heather, Colorado : Email Service Provider: Constant Contact
15:18:30 From Angie Vangalis : CC REFFERAL LINK:
15:21:09 From Meredith Klein : ??? In classes what are the best ways to see student work? Is it possible for them to hook in a phone without it being a separate participant? Do you recommend or is there too much chance of technical issues arising?
15:25:40 From Meredith Klein :
???For documents you want to show, would you put PDF on desktop or do something else? I don’t have up to date Powerpoint on my laptop.
15:26:10 From Diane Stum Fekete : thanks – want to keep students engaged w/o giving them whiplash!
15:37:33 From Diane Stum Fekete : ??? do u say no virtual bkgds, so people can hold up work & it doesn’t disappear?
15:37:40 From Vivian To Angie Vangalis(privately) : how do you hook up an iPhone for student
15:38:25 From Angie Vangalis To Vivian(privately) : They can call in on one of the phone lines listed or plug their camera in and display their work from the camera
15:45:01 From Suzi Ickles : ??? I do not have a website; should I set one up?
15:46:41 From valerie Weilmuenster : is there a recommendation for editing software
15:47:47 From valerie Weilmuenster : I do not have the button for speaker versus gallery view???
15:51:09 From Diane Stum Fekete : ??? tips to avoid/minimize light reflection in my glasses? have anti-reflective coating – still reflection.
15:52:08 From Heather, Colorado : I use an IPEVO VZ-X
15:52:49 From Heather, Colorado : VZ-R
15:52:55 From Christy Schroeder-Lloyd : Is the Zoom password automatically generated when you schedule a class? What is the overall process of arrangins a starting a class?
15:53:05 From Angie Vangalis : Yes
15:54:46 From Risa Gettler : do you recommend using a headphone and microphone?
15:56:16 From Suzi Ickles : The 25-minute video that Heather mentioned earlier is EXCELLENT for these details!
15:56:29 From Angie Vangalis : 🙂
15:59:31 From Heather, Colorado : Thanks Suzi! Glad you found it helpful!
16:00:22 From Diane Stum Fekete : thanks!!
16:02:45 From Suzi Ickles : what’s the join that YouTube is promothing?
16:05:21 From Heather, Colorado : Gumroad
16:07:31 From Karen Roberts : ??? Angie: Did the video go up for Cora Pearl’s class yet?
16:11:34 From Suzi Ickles : This has been great information for newbies; thank you so much Heather and Angie for offering the time!
16:11:57 From Karen Roberts : Thanks so much, Angie and Heather!
16:12:07 From Angie Vangalis : 🙂
16:12:11 From valerie Weilmuenster : Thank you. This was great!
16:13:13 From Angie Vangalis : ??? Angie: Did the video go up for Cora Pearl’s class yet? – YES
16:15:56 From Suzi Ickles : Tell us about the Lefties behind you; you are not left-handed, but I am.
16:16:11 From Meredith Klein : Thank you so very much Angie—I am so grateful!
16:17:20 From Diane Stum Fekete : Thanks – so appreciate today’s session!
16:23:44 From Suzi Ickles : Look at these silver linings for us in all this!
16:24:20 From Meredith Klein : Thanks to both you, Angie & Heather—you both rock!