Tuesday Q&A Chat – 06-30-2020

19:06:25 From Heather, Colorado : ??? Ask a question
19:06:40 From Angie Vangalis : Or QUESTION:
19:12:56 From Kristen Doty : I’m sorry that my video still isn’t working. I’m obviously having tech problems! (-:
19:15:50 From Heather, Colorado : @Kristen no worries! Can you still hear us?
19:16:26 From Kristen Doty : Yes, thanks!
19:18:38 From Eva-Lynn : ???? What is a claw? In regards to phone
19:22:22 From Heather, Colorado : ARKON
19:25:23 From Heather, Colorado : ARKON MOUNT
19:30:35 From Heather, Colorado : Angie uses Constant Contact
19:30:51 From Heather, Colorado : Heather uses Kajabi (all-in-one-platform)
19:31:03 From Heather, Colorado : You can also use Zoom for registration
19:31:39 From Heather, Colorado : Landing Pages are great to send people to through emails, social media, from your website, etc.
19:34:46 From Heather, Colorado : New Zenler – https://www.newzenler.com/
19:35:42 From Angie Vangalis : Constant Contact Link
19:35:43 From Angie Vangalis : http://www.constantcontact.com/signup.jsp?pn=txletteringarts
19:37:31 From Carol Scott : If anyone already has a website with Wix, they offer registration and payment through their bookings tab.
19:40:24 From Heather, Colorado : GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)- an EU (European Union) legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals.
19:48:06 From Heather, Colorado : ??? What % does PayPal take?
19:48:26 From Heather, Colorado : From my experience, it’s 2.9% + .30 per transaction.
19:48:36 From Heather, Colorado : Zoom does not take payment.
19:54:59 From Angie Vangalis : Tech Soup – Discounted software for non-profits.
19:55:02 From Angie Vangalis : https://www.techsoup.org/Login?ReturnUrl=https://www.techsoup.org/&utm_term=%2Btechsoup%20%2Blogin&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=Z-SRC-Branded-Paid&utm_source=adwords&hsa_ad=335447255167&hsa_ver=3&hsa_cam=632278711&hsa_acc=9197892769&hsa_grp=64338732697&hsa_src=g&hsa_mt=b&hsa_kw=%2Btechsoup%20%2Blogin&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_tgt=kwd-546430721512&gclid=CjwKCAjwxev3BRBBEiwAiB_PWNvF9KINkcXj77WY2MvzrY9PM7r2EeRJ46uvAiOKbt5RD5m3om6RqxoC7-gQAvD_BwE
19:57:13 From Eva-Lynn : ????? I can only see a few chats, how fo you see previous
19:58:31 From Heather, Colorado : @Eva-Lynn you can scroll up to see previous chats.
19:58:58 From Eva-Lynn : I am using a Mac and it won’t allow me to scroll up
20:01:24 From Dorothy Yuki : ??? does anyone know how different Google Classroom is compared to Zoom?
20:05:25 From Angie Vangalis : Dottotech.com #AskDottoTech
20:06:23 From Carol Scott : Do you prefer a doc camera over an external webcam for demos? Pros/cons?
20:13:09 From Angie Vangalis : IPEVO VZ-X
20:15:36 From Carol Scott : Thanks!
20:17:29 From Carol Scott : Do you recommend certain lighting for demos? I haven’t been happy with mine.
20:18:54 From Carol Scott : Thanks!!!!
20:21:10 From Eva-Lynn : What brand is your light
20:21:22 From Anna Pinto : can you give us the name of your LED light, Angie? Thanks
20:21:49 From Carol Scott : What do you call that Angie?
20:22:53 From Angie Vangalis : VILTROX
20:23:06 From Angie Vangalis : L116T
20:23:08 From Anna Pinto : but what was the other one, in the diffuser?
20:23:49 From Angie Vangalis : Japanese Paper Lamp with Soft Light (NOT incandescent)
20:24:09 From Angie Vangalis : (BRIGHT WHITE Light Bulb) (ignore the “soft white” I spoke of in the video)!
20:24:25 From Anna Pinto : wasn’t there a small white desk lamp?
20:26:19 From Angie Vangalis : XYLED
20:26:30 From Anna Pinto : thanks!!
20:26:34 From Carol Scott : Thank you so much for doing this!!! I appreciate all your help!
20:27:51 From Eva-Lynn : Thanks so much

20:28:09 From Anna Pinto : I’ll say goodbye, but thank you Heather and Angie!! This was great —
20:28:41 From Cathy O’Rear : Thank you so much, great information!

20:30:36 From Analisse Orr : Thanks for all the great information!
20:33:19 From Kristen Doty : Thanks so much Angie and Heather!