Monday Evening Chat 07-06-2020

19:02:19 From janet takahashi : Using double cameras at the same time.
19:02:45 From Carol DuBosch : ??? Do you Mirror your video? Cora felt it was really important and I find it makes things goofy.
19:03:37 From sharon zeugin : iPhone vs. overhead camera?
19:09:52 From Heather, Durango CO :
19:10:00 From Heather, Durango CO : Https://
19:17:56 From sherrielovler : By over head camera, do you mean a document camera?
19:18:46 From Heather, Durango CO : VZ-R
19:18:50 From Heather, Durango CO : VZ-X
19:19:45 From sherrielovler : If I am doing larger art, will the document camera focus from higher up to see a paper that is 22×30”?
19:19:46 From Heather, Durango CO : VZ-X Wifi and battery
19:20:43 From 535844 : My VZ-R doesn’t focus well. Should I ask to the company to solve?
19:20:51 From sharon zeugin : Thank you! I AM convinced.
19:21:17 From Heather, Durango CO : ARKON mount will hold an iPad, iPhone
19:26:05 From Carol DuBosch : Do you always use Visualizer, Heather?
19:42:02 From Carol DuBosch : Neuland Hand
19:43:33 From Heather, Durango : Energizers Ben Crothers
19:44:51 From Evelyn Eldridge : What is the best way to record, edit the recording, share the recording?
19:56:50 From Heather, Durango :
19:57:22 From Heather, Durango :
20:00:28 From Heather, Durango : MURAL
20:05:57 From Heather, Durango : Kajabi
20:08:05 From Heather, Durango : Unlisted on YouTube
20:11:31 From Heather, Durango : Music: Can use for free for public videos if you give credit or can purchase and use as much as you want without giving credit:
20:12:45 From sharon zeugin : Thanks, Heather, Angie and everyone!
20:12:55 From Angie Vangalis : 🙂
20:13:21 From Victoria : I have to leave, but want to thank Heather very much, it was very informative, and you have a great voice. 🙂 Thank you also, Angie, nice to see you again, 🙂 Warmly, Victoria
20:17:41 From Heather, Durango : Thanks Victoria! I’m using a Logitech G433 headset. It has good balance. I added a bit more treble because I have a very low voice 😉
20:18:33 From Heather, Durango : Also, my headset is wired! Important as wireless/bluetooth can also cause latency issues and have to be charged.